Friday, February 3, 2012

Window Phone 8 (Apollo) get details

How was your experiences with Window 7.5 (Tango)? I bet it is awesome with the recent Nokia as the operating system's major partner.

Howevever, Window Phone evolution doesn't stop here! The next generation, Window 8 also known as Apollo said to designed based on the new Windows 8 operating system. Here are the more info of Window 8 :

More hardware options: among the listed options are multi-core processors, new display resolutions and support for microSD card storage.

Near Field Communications (NFC): focuses on digital wallet capabilities as well as tap-to-share function.

Deep integration with Windows 8: since the mobile operating shares many elements with the desktop/tablet operating system, developers can reuse them to port apps from desktop to phone. Xbox Companion app and SkyDrive will be part on the integration as well.

Apps: around 100,000 apps are expected to be available at Windows Phone 8 launch and there is also the support for app-to-app communications.

Skype: the Windows Phone 8 version will be linked directly to the operating system and will be made to operate like standard non-VoIP operation.

Camera lens app: apparently, Microsoft will provide a basic camera interface that can be overlaid with third-party viewfinders.

DataSmart: designed to reduce and simplify data usage tracking, it provides and displays breakdown of data consumption as well as helps user connect to carrier-owned Wi-Fi network when in range and also, helps user to find real-time location of nearby hotspots through Bing Local Scout.

Proxy server on Internet Explorer 10 Mobile: the browser will be able to utilize server-side service that compresses web pages to reduce data usage - something that Opera browser has been doing for quite a while.

Native BitLocker encryption: targeted for business users, Windows Phone 8 will have the same full disk encryption capability just like the existing BitLocker feature on Windows.

Window 8 are expected to roll out on Q4 of the year. We definitely can't wait to get hands on on this sweet OS.