Friday, December 25, 2015

Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Button Customization List

Scroll Left,
Scroll Right,
Gesture Button,
Volume Up,
Volume Down,
Left Click,
Right Click
Action Center,
Advance Click (Click type: Click, Double Click, Triple click, Right Click, Middle click. Modifiers: Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Win)
Close Desktop,
Close Window,
Desktop (next),
Desktop (previous),
Double Click,
Gesture Button (Profile: Virtual desktop, Window Management, Media controls, Pan, Zoom/Rotate, Navigate Windows, Arrange windows, Custom)
Keystroke Assignment
Launch Application,
Maximize Window,
Media Player,
Middle Button,
Minimize Window,
Modifier Keys (Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Win),
Mouse sensitivity
New Desktop
Next Track/Fast Forward
Open File
Open Folder
Open Web Page
Previous Track,
Show/Hide Desktop
Sign Out
Start Screen
Task View
This PC
Toggle Smooth Scrolling
Volume Up
Zoom In
Zoom Out
Zoom Reset


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Xiao Mi Bluetooth Speaker (2015) Specification in English

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The D is here

Yes, as you can see we are having a new logo, the big D. It's not just a simple D, there are more subtlety to it. It commemorating the new format of our YouTube channel. Start from September 2015, we will start our first season. In this new season/format, we will release a video each week. The season will last for 3 months. Just a sneak peak, other than our regular review video, we will also have some gadget related skit. Just subscribe our YouTube channel for the first hand update here:

As a bonus, I am attaching the first video of the season, Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II Review

As for now, peace out~

Monday, August 24, 2015

Casio ZR3500 Review

Here, I got a limited time spent with Casio ZR3500. Without wasting time, I grab it for street shooting on the next day I got it. Nop, I am not gonna mentioned anything about the beauty mode in this camera. Just feel free to look for #casioZR3500 in Instagram and I am pretty sure those photos have more power to convince you than my selfies. What I am gonna do with this camera is, I gonna treat it like usual camera (let's ignore the beauty mode) and see how much it can perform. Will this camera live up to my expectation with the RM1290 price tag? Stay tune and see.


Here are the things you need to know from the camera before proceed to the written review. Pardon my broken English. Haven't had my coffee on early morning.

Some quick glance through for the Casio ZR3500 key specification :
  • 12 megapixels
  • 1/1.7-inch high-speed CMOS sensor
  • EXILIM Engine HS Ver 3 image processor
  • 25-300mm F2.8(W) to F6.3(T)
  • Optical zoom:12X, Multi SR Zoom:24X, Digital zoom 4X, Maximum digital zoom:93.6X (in combination with HD Zoom, 3M size)
  • 3.0-inch TFT color LCD (Super Clear LCD) and 180 degree tiltable
  • Built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • 1920 x 1080 (30fps) video recording
  • Lithium Ion Battery (NP-130A)
  • 108.3(W) x 61.5(H) x 36.7(D) mm
  • 248 g (Including Battery and Memory Card)






Here are the photos taken on Pudu street market. The beauty mode was turn off during the whole shooting session. All photos SOOC.




The camera feels small if to compare to my current micro four thirds gear I had. For instance, someone with large hand like me, shooting with such small camera can't seem to secure itself w/o a proper grip. Other than that, the overall feel solid and good. I do like the idea of putting front shutter; giving more flexibility when selfie. The flip screen also helps alot when I am doing high or low angle shoot on the street.




On software side, it feels pretty much half bucket. It offers options to photographer to shoot in PSAM mode, but did not provide exposure meters nor live view to show the exposure. It will only trigger when I half press the shutter button (refer to the video above for the demo). This makes the whole shooting progress slower and I risk missing one in a life time moment. Hence, I gave up and try to go for RAW format. I couldn't find it at first as it wasn't under image format like usual camera nor PSAM mode. It was hidden under BEST SHOT mode. By using RAW, the camera limitation begin where it'll goes to 35mm F3.2 on wide. Not a big deal for a day time but I hate the half bucket effort so much!





The camera actually offer 300mm zoom in exchange of slower aperture, F6.3. Again it wasn't a big deal on day time but like other subpar camera, the ZR3500 suffer from focus hunting on zoom. However, it focus very quickly on wide open and not a problem at all shooting with it. I do love how wide 25mm is despite I wish it is 21mm instead. The wider the better for a wide junkie like me. F2.8 is sufficient; if you're shooting on close up subject, you'll get bokeh. Coming from Olympus that has 5 Axis IS on body, I felt the ZR3500 5 axis IS nearly didn't exist.



Did a very quick ISO test with 100% and the camera done perfectly on ISO 400 and below. On ISO800 details started to smudge and color begin to shift on ISO 1600 and above.







The Casio Connect work flawlessly to me. As long as it is pair properly to the smartphone, the connection is almost instant. Yup, Casio Connect is available for both play store and iTune.








For me, this camera does what it do best. It is not so suitable for fast moving object due to the factors I mentioned above. If you're the type love taking selfie, foods, scenery or any subject which are not moving and you can take your sweet time, yes I would recommend this camera. It is undeniable a good looking camera that easily attract female with affordable price tag.

Till then, ciaozz!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Illegear Z5 Performance Benchmark


Illegear Z5 Specification:
Display: 15.6" Full HD ANti-glare IPS/AHVA Wide Color Gamut & Viewing Angle (1920 x 1080)
Processor: Intel (R) Core(TM) i7-4730HQ (6MB L3 Cache, 2.6GHz)
Graphic Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M 3GB GDDR5 with Optimus (Maxwell)
Thermal Compound: IC Diamond Thermal Compund - CPU & CPU
RAM: 16GB DDR3L RAM 1600MHz - 2 X 8GB
Primary Drive: 128GB MSATA SSD + 1TB 7200RPM HDD
Wireless Network Card: Realtek WLAN+BT
Operating System: Window 8.1 (Trial)

Illegear is a relatively new laptop brand that is cream of the crop among customization gaming laptop in Malaysia. If you have heard of Illegear, a majority of you must have know it from this laptop, Illegear Z5. This time again, thanks to Illegear, I am able to "fondle" it for a week or so. So, let's go into the PBM.

PC Mark's result is quite amazing, recording a 3260 with it's G70M graphic card i7 processor.
To compare, click here:

cloudgate copy
As for Clound Gate, it easily achieve 20,812 score. But this is not a low end notebook or tablet, let's move to the next test.
To compare, click here:

icestorm12 copy
Ice Storm scores 87,100. Another score I am going to ignore since this is a test design for phone, mobiles and entry level devices.
To compare, click here:

icestormextreme12 copy
Ice Storm Extreme scores 86,261.
To compare, click here:

skydive copy
Sky Diver scores 18,619
To compare, click here:

firestike1.1 copy
Fire Strike 1.1 scores 6646. Although it is score better than average gaming laptop, but this is just a decent score that you got nothing to shout. Since Z5 is not a multiple GPU unit, you can't complaint too much, can you?
To compare, click here:

firestikeextreme copy
Fire Strike Extreme get a even lower of 3390 scores, but I do notice that the temperature of both CPU and GPU are quite contained. A thumbs up for you I guess?
To compare, click here:

firestikeultra copy
Fire Strike Ultra scores 1740.
To compare, click here:

You know I am not a boring ordinary blogger, I have my fair share of *cough* view in examining laptop using my *cough* own scale.

So this is the laptop when idle. The temperature of the CPU is around 45 degrees +/-

When the laptop performs rendering (video), the CPU can shoot up to 80 degree Celsius.

But if the laptop is moved to a air-cond room, the temperature drops down a few degrees.

If you are still not satisfy with our PBM, you can go to Lowyat, where they have the review and PBM there as well.

So aside of the PBM, here is my view of the laptop:

1. The laptop looks edgy due to it's LED light on the cover and around touch pad. Not your plain boring flat chest basic bitch notebook, this one at least has some characteristic on it.

2. The elevated chiclet button is like a mechanical keyboard wanna be. It hard for desktop typing but it does comes in handy when gaming.
P6070009 copy

3. The macro keys that located suppose to be a added feature that comes in handy when gaming but it's position is too close to the power button and it only allows 2 keys combination for each macro key with only 4 buttons available. It might or might not be sufficient for you, depends on the program you are using.
P6070015 copy

4.  The screen of this unit of Z5 is the IPS type. The color is quite solid, even in extreme angle, the color didn't wash out at all.

5. The screen is very wobbly, if your table is not stable, be prepare for a rough journey during your Kanjeong gaming session. It might or might not turn out to beneficial for you, depends what are you looking for.

6. Another added value of this unit is that it has build it web cam and mic, which locate on the top of the screen. The resolution is small but the quality is quite ok, better than what I was expecting from a web cam. The mic however, does capture a lot of white noise on a low amplitude, so your voice is still audible clearly when you are near to it.
snapshot (1) copy

snapshot copy

7. As for audio output, I am blown away of how accurate the stereo speakers are how powerful the sub woofer is.  Of course it's not as good as a home theater, but traveling with this kind of sound system is more than sufficient for my gaming experience.
P6070023 copy

P6070024 copy2

So, that's all from me. If you wanna see what's inside Z5 and it's internal hardware component, you can view our video here:

If you already have a unit of Illegear Z5, please let us know what do you think about it, do it out perform what you expect?