Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Digi bring Nokia Lumia 800

2 more days before official launch of Nokia Lumia devices in Malaysia and Digi now is open preorder for Nokia Lumia 800 together with the Smartplan.

By committing to 24months DG Smart Plan as low as RM68/month, the device is yours for only RM1099 (RRP RM1650).

DiGi is also offering the Nokia Lumia 800 (black units only) for 12 months and for its DG Smart Plan 48 as well. The pricing are as follows:

24 months DG Smart Plan 68 – RM1,099 (total initial payment RM1,667)

12 months DG Smart Plan 68 – RM1,349 (total initial payment RM1,717)

24 months DG Smart Plan 48 – RM1,299 (total initial payment RM1,597)

12 months DG Smart Plan 48 – RM1,449 (total initial payment RM1,547)

More information on DiGi official website.