Friday, February 17, 2012

Motorola releases Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade schedule

Motorola promises an upgrade ICS last few month and now they released the schedule, base on region.

US : XOOM Family Edition, ATRIX 2 and the ATRIX 4G MB860 will get update on Q3 of this year. Meanwhile, older phones like the DEFY, DROID original, DROID X, etc. will remain on Froyo forever.

Canada : RAZR will get the update in Q2 but the ATRIX 4G will remain on Gingerbread.

EMEA region : RAZR and XOOM Wi-Fi will be upgraded in Q2 and the XOOM 2 in Q3. ATRIX update is still being planned whereas the DEFY+ will remain on Gingerbread.

Asia Pacific : RAZR and the XOOM will receive the update in Q2 and the ATRIX 2 and XOOM 2 in Q3. The DEFY, DEFY+ and the older phones will not be upgraded.

Latin America and Mexico : RAZR and XOOM will be upgraded in Q2, ATRIX 2 and XOOM 2 in Q3 and the the update for ATRIX and MILESTONE 3 is still being planned. Again, no update for the DEFY.

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