Friday, September 30, 2011

Celcom bring Nokia N9?

There is some teaser of coming new phone in Celcom web. My guess is the long await Meego OS, Nokia N9.

The Nokia N9 is expected to arrived in Malaysia on the second week of October, retailed at RM1799 for 16gb and RM2099 for 64gb without contract.

Let's wait and see what plan Celcom gonna intro to us.


Japan Super Trio Droid announces

After Nokia announces their Trio symbian bella phone, Japan will be getting a trio of really cool high-end Android smartphones. Sharp AQUOS PHONE 102SH, the Panasonic Lumix phone and the Dell Streak.


Sharp AQUOS PHONE 102SH Key features :

  • 4.5" LCD of HD resolution (329dpi).
  • supports glasses-free 3D.
  • 1GHz dual-core TI OMAP 4430.
  • 1GB of RAM.
  • 12 megapixel CMOS camera.
  • 1080p videos.
  • Waterproof body.
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Panasonic Lumix Phone 101P

Panasonic Lumix Phone 101P Key features :

  • 4" qHD LCD.
  • 13 megapixel camera with Lumix sensor.
  • 1GHz dual-core TI OMAP 4430.
  • 1GB of RAM.
  • Waterproof body.
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Dell Streak Pro 101DL

Dell Streak Pro 101DL Key features :

  • 4.3" qHD (960x540) AMOLED display.
  • 1.5GHz dual core Scorpion CPU.
  • 8 megapixels rear camera and 1.3 front camera.
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

This trio phone is looking good and I love the Panasonic Lumix Phone most! Let's hope someone manage to bring it in to Malaysia ;)


Window Phone 7.5 (Mango) Promo

Window Phone 7.5 is release this week. Have you update yours via Zune?

Here is the official promo of Window Phone 7.5..

One of the main highlight new features would be People Hub, threaded messaging that integrates text messages, Facebook Chat and Live Messenger, multi-tasking and Vision Search.

Seem Window Phone is getting better.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is this the iPhone 5?

You judge it ;)

Disney launches two new Android Phone

Look! Mickey Mouse finally join the Android team! Disney just launches the DM011SH and DM010SH, Android based phone.

DM010SH Key Features :

  • 4-inch 960 x 540 qHD touchscreen.
  • 8MP camera.
  • 1GHz processor.
  • Android 2.3

DM011SH Key Features :

  • 3.4-inch 854 X 480 resolution.
  • 8MP camera.
  • 1GHz processor.
  • Waterproof.
  • Android 2.3

Interesting! So Disney Android phone anyone?


Amazon Kindle Fire tablet unveiled

I am amazed when Amazon announced their latest Kindle, Fire that running on Android based.

Amazon Kindle Fire Key Features :

  • 7-inch IPS panel, Gorilla Glass coating.
  • 1GHz TI OMAP dual-core CPU.
  • 512MB of RAM.
  • 8GB of internal storage.

Pricing at $199 (Approximately RM650), this 7 inch tablet doesn't have camera and microphone. There is no access to Android market but Android Appstore. Kindle books, magazines, etc. -- all stored for free via Amazon Cloud Storage.


Android Ice Cream Sandwich Leaked

Apparently there was one lucky eBay shopper get himself a Samsung Nexus S that loaded up with Ice Cream Sandwich version.

The screen look and apps drawer do resemble Honeycomb while the homescreen still looks like Gingerbread. Long-pressing the home button brings up a vertical Honeycomb-style multitasking menu. The notification bar, camera UI and other menus also have a much different look.

Hit the Source below if you wanna take a look on Ice Cream Sandwich video

Note : If u dunno, thats ICS launcher, not real ;P


Let's Talk iPhone on October 4th

It is official that 4th October will be date for Apple talk about iPhone. Expecting new iPhone on line, either iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s or both.

In addition of launching new iPhone, Apple will announce Facebook for iPad too, finally eh?

So who gonna stay late and watch the presentation?


Flickr Introduces Android App - Istagram alike filter

Rumors that Istagram will coming to Android soon. But before that, Flickr has introduce a new Android app that features a whole bunch of Instagram filters and the capability to share pictures with your various social networks.

In addition, Flickr has a neat feature called Photo Sessions, allowing you and your friends to view a slideshow of photos at the same time. It includes text chat, so everyone can communicate, plus you can shift control of the slideshow to any participant. When your friends and/or family are not in the same place and want to look at photos together, it looks like a pretty slick way to get the job done.

The app is not available yet on the Malaysian Android apps, but coming soon ;) or if your android are rooted just use market access.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nokia 600, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701 pricing out in Malaysia!

Nokia trio Symbian Bella is coming! The price is released as well!

Nokia 600

One of the main attraction of Nokia 600 is the loudspeaker that rated as loud as 106 phons. The new Nokia 600 will be priced at RM 740 and will be available in Q4 2011.

Nokia 600 Key Features :

  • 3.2-inch TFT display with Capacitive touchscreen.
  • 1 GHz processor, 2D/3D graphics HW accelerator with OpenVG1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0.
  • 5 MP fixed focus camera with LED flash.
  • 720p@30fps video recording.
  • 2GB of internal memory.
  • Symbian Belle OS

Nokia 700

Nokia 700 claim to be smallest and compact phone. Said to be their most compact Symbian smartphones around, the device measures 9.7mm at its thickest point and weights at 96g. The Nokia 700 is priced at RM 1,025.

Nokia 700 Key Features :

  • 3.2 inches Gorilla Glass-based ClearBlack AMOLED capacitive touchscreen.
  • 1 GHz processor.
  • 5 MP fixed focus camera with LED flash.
  • 720p@30fps video recording.
  • 2GB of internal memory.
  • Symbian Belle OS

Nokia 701

Being the world brightest phone, Nokia 701 was equipped with IPS ClearBlack display. the new Nokia 701 smartphone is priced at RM 1,130 and available now!

Nokia 701 Key Features :

  • 3.5 inches LED-backlit IPS TFT, capacitive touchscreen.
  • 1 GHz processor, 2D/3D graphics HW accelerator with OpenVG1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0.
  • 512 MB RAM.
  • 8 MP fixed focus camera with LED flash.
  • 720p@30fps video recording.
  • 8GB of internal memory.
  • Symbian Belle OS

With this trio, which is your favourite and gotta get it?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fujitsu-Toshiba unveils ARROWS Z

Wow! A collaboration between Fujitsu and Toshiba! ARROWS Z ISW11F, what a long name, is quite interesting model. The ARROWS Z claim to be waterproof Android phone that equipped with 13 Megapixels CMOS sensor camera. Not to mention, it support Wimax too.

Fujitsu-Toshiba ARROWS Z key features :

Android 2.3.5
4.3-inch LCD display with 1,280×720 resolution
Wi-fi IEEE802.11b/g/n (tethering is possible)
waterproof body
13MP CMOS camera (Exmor R for mobile, ISO25600)
1.3MP sub camera
1080p video recording
dual-core TI OMAP4430 CPU (1.2GHz)
HDMI interface, microSDHC card slot (32GB max.), microUSB port
Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
e-wallet function
digital TV tuner
size: 64×128×10.1mm, weight: 131g

Nice Android do need more of innovative in terms on design in order to avoid sue from you-know-what-fruit-is-that.


Samsung Omnia W announces

Window phone 7 Mango update is coming soon to every devices and Samsung Omnia W will get taste of it.

Samsung Omnia W key features :

  • 3.7-inch WVGA Super AMOLED screen.
  • 1.4GHz Scorpion processor, Adreno 205 graphics.
  • 512MB RAM.
  • 5 megapixel camera with a LED flash with VGA front camera.
  • 720p camcorder.
  • 8GB internal storage.
  • 1500mAh battery.
  • Windows Phone 7 Mango.

Samsung Omnia W is expected release on this November.


Huawei Honor announces

Huawei Honor is the latest addition to the Huawei's Android smartphone lineup.

Here are the key features :

  • 4-inch FWVGA (480x854 pixels) touchscreen.
  • 8 megapixel camera with HDR functionality and a 2MP front-facing camera.
  • 1.4GHz single-core processor.
  • 512MB RAM.
  • 4GB internal storage.
  • Android 2.3.5
  • 1900mAh battery.

Huawei Honor is expected to hit China, Russia and the Middle East by the end of the year. Initially Honor will be available only in black but more colors will follow soon after.


Motorola Atrix 2 official specs

Motorola Atrix 2 official spec is release! Here are some key features :

  • 4.3-inch QHD display.
  • 1GHz dual-core processor.
  • 1GB of RAM.
  • 8GB internal memory, expandable up to 32GB.
  • 8 megapixel camera with auto-focus and flash.

The Atrix 2 will work with the new Lapdock 100, which unlike the previous dock, is not meant exclusively for the Atrix 2. This means the phone does not plug directly into the Lapdock but sits on it and a cable connects it to the Lapdock. This makes the accessory compatible with other Motorola phones as well that supports this functionality, something the original Lapdock was not capable of. This one also has a smaller 10.1-inch display compared to the 11.6 on the previous model.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Photography Opinion : How to choose your camera?

I came across to this article at Digitalrev and i think it is very good opinion/tips for newbie who decided to get a DSLR.Thus i would love to provide an opinion or tips for peole who wanted to get themselves a camera, not only DSLR. As everyone know DSLR nowdays are very affordable and i can see nearly everyone can afford at least a basic gear.

However, there are people who did not have experiences with camera sometime do doubt and confuse which camera are better for them? Now here is the question you should ask yourself before getting any camera:

  • What you need it for?
  • What is your budget range?
  • What brand you prefer?

I think with this 3 question above is sufficient enough for you to make decision which to get. Lets get started.

What you need it for?

What you need it for? To take pictures of course! oh yea that's true but which should you get? DSLR? Compact? This always pop out in my friends mind whenever they decided to choose a camera. Whenever that come across, i always ask them what you need it for? Most my girl friends used it for casual. They don't really care to learn the basic photography as long as they can take good picture. However on my guy friends side, some who doesn't know a nuts on photography begin to pick up it as hobby and they started it with DSLR.

So here is the question, What you need it for? There is no restriction that which camera you must get if you need it for this and that. Bare in mind, NEED and WANT is two difference thing. eg You WANT a DSLR because everyone having it and you NEED a DSLR because i want to use it for my job. See the difference? There is once i WANT to get alot lens that I had in my mind but in the end I didn't get it, because i don't NEED it or use it odten. Once again, see the difference? So bear in mind what you need it for and that's gonna lead you to next question.

As my opinion, if you wanna learn basic photography, yes it is good to started with low end DSLR, Mirrorless Camera or Compact that provide you full control of ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed. Afterall, photography is all about framing, composition and setting. Notice that i put them in order? Yes setting is always the last thing to concern for me. If you just a casual/travel user but want a good image quality, you're always welcome to get any of the 3 choices and use Auto mode all the way. In the end the picture result is make WOW impact for your viewer. Do remember sometime size of the camera do affect your choices and decision depending what you use it for.

What is your budget range?

I am sure you do have your own budget and yes, always set a budget for yourself or else you'll lost. However with current market price, budget RM 1,200-RM 1,500 is good enough for you to have a high end compact (which i called it semi pro - Lumix LX5, Nikon P7100, Canon S95, Canon G12, Olympus XZ-1) or a second hand DSLR for beginner. If you are rich, then yea go ahead and get whatever you feel you like.

Afterall, even you are beginner and given a Nikon D3S you'll get a decent result of your picture. Even the pro cameras have got P modes, so it's not like you need to know what all the settings are and what everything means to get a shot. So they key for those who want a better value buy is, "what camera cam I get without breaking the bank and not wasting loads of money"?

What brand you prefer?

Canon? Nikon? Sony? Panasonic? Samsung? Olympus? Honestly there will be always never ending choices in camera. Difference spec, design and brand keep coming out and no doubt, they are getting better and better. For my opinion, go for whichever you feel like. Difference people will have difference opinion. Some would say they love Nikon because of user friendly. Some will love stylish design of Sony compact. Some will love Panasonic Lumix GF3 because it was small. Some will love Olympus Pen art filter. I am sure all this question will pop out in your mind, thus i would love to refer back to first question, "What you need it for" and narrow down your choices. As for me, I am kind of brandism of Nikon but i do give a try on other brand as well. In the end now I am both Nikon DSLR and Olympus Pen user and i actually used my Pen the most and i sold off my DSLR.

I always believe that skill come first and camera just a tool for you to execute your artistic side. Based on the 3 question, i am pretty sure you can figure out which you want.

You can take a look on Digitalrev opinion too :)

Motorola Xoom 2 leaked out again

Another picture of Motorola tablet leaked, which believe to be the rumored Motorola Xoom 2, slimmer than the first generation.

That device is rumored to have an 8.2-inch HD IPS display and weigh 0.95 pounds. It is apparently being billed as an "e-reader replacement," and comes with an onboard IR remote and subwoofer. In further Xoom 2 news, TIMN is saying the classic version will measure 9mm thick, pack a 1.2GHz processor, 1GB RAM, and enable 1080p video recording.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

ZTE Skate

The ZTE Skate -- spiritual sucessor to the Blade and current flagship -- is pushing on with its global.

General Specification :
  • TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
  • 80 x 800 pixels, 4.3 inches (~217 ppi pixel density)
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
  • Android OS, v2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • 800MHz processor
  • Standard battery, Li-Ion 1400 mAh

Author's note: Replacement of ZTE Blade. However the spec doesn't impressive enough. Only the price of it gonna determine whether it is a worth value compare to Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Friday, September 23, 2011

HuaWei Mediapad Available In Malaysia By Mid-Oct





Spec in a glance:
7 inch tablet
3.2 Android (Honeycomb)
dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm CPU
8GB storage
3G connectivity
microSD expansion
mini HDMI slot
mini USB slot
Bluetooth and Wifi available
1.3 MP front-facing camera.
5 MP rear-facing camera
6 hours batterylife

Price: RM1,467 (SGD 598) at Singapore's pre-order

Author's note: Since the pre-sale in Singapore is already less than 1.5k, we expect it to be further mark down when it's officially selling in Malaysia. Limited infomation is obtain for this device. Hope we will update the information once it's announce.

HuaWei Bomb The World With 5 New Cheap Android

Spec in a glance: 
1 GHz processor
HSDPA 14.4Mbps
4.1 inch Screen
5MP camera

Bolder U8350
Spec in a glance:
528 MHz processor
512 MB ROM
Qwerty keyboard

Sonix U8650 (left) and IDEOS X3 (center)
Spec in a glance:
Android 3.2
600MHz processor
3.2 MP camera

GAGA U8180 (right)
Spec in a glace:
2.8 inch screen
600MHz processor
3.2MP camera

The World Smallest Camera

I think I just found something more useful to send as a gift for somebody's 21st Birthday rather than some expensive metal key. Beside, this camera comes with Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee at no additional charge, it might be the most "eternal" gift after all ~
Camera: 2MP sensor, JPEJ format
Video: 30fps at 640 x480 resolution, AVI format
Memory: 2 GB MicroSD card (support up to 32 GB)
Battery: 30 mins of operation.
Dimension: 1 inch on each side
Weight: 1/2 ounce

Price: $99.95 (USD)

Author's Note: Although it might not as practical as most compact camera, but owning a camera that you can bring the wherever you want as a pendant, THAT is something really cool!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Olympus E-P3 Review

Disclaimer : This Olympus E-P3 is belong to me, Jackie Loi, the Author for this blog post. We did not used any review set from any sponsor. This review is solely based on my experience and knowledge when using E-P3. I won't go more on technical but as layman as possible for easy understanding.





Olympus E-P3 is an improvement from the previous E-P2. When i said improvement, it meant alot on this new model. However the appearance still significant to it's previous predecessors. One of the biggest difference between E-P3 with it's predecessors is equipped with built in flash - deliberately styled so that the pop-up element doesn't interrupt the front plate of the camera, a removable hand grip; a large screw now holds the rectangular grip in place, giving users the choice of removing or swapping it for a more substantial design.

Olympus E-P3 key specifications:

  • Updated 12MP Live MOS sensor
  • 120 Hz 'Fast AF' focus system
  • Built-in pop-up flash
  • Built-in autofocus illuminator light (orange LED)
  • Touch-sensitive VGA-equivalent 614,000 dot OLED screen (3:2 aspect ratio)
  • Dual-core TruePic VI processor
  • 1080i60 movies in AVCHD format
  • Independent Shadow and Highlight tone adjustment controls
  • Interchangeable hand grips
  • In-body image stabilisation (works with all lenses)

What's new / changed (vs E-P2)

  • 35-area AF system
  • Touch AF and Touch shutter
  • Direct movie record and display magnification buttons
  • E-PL2-style control layout, 5 customisable buttons
  • Live guide control in iAuto
  • iEnhance colour mode
  • Revised and expanded Art Filters (with quick preview option)

Before i got myself an Olympus E-P3, I actually a Nikon D60 and Olympus XZ-1 user. Later i sold of both my cam and change to this system. Most of you would be wondering why am I do so? Simply, the reason being is :

  1. Smaller body size, less weight, Though my previous XZ-1 can satisfy me, but i dun see the point holding 2 compact sized camera.
  2. Ability to change lens.
  3. bigger sensor than my XZ-1 but smaller than my D60. But not really a big deal for me ;/
  4. More AF point compare to my D60.
  5. Fast focusing! Some even claim it beat up pro DSLR flatly.
  6. More Art Filter. Can even use it on Manual mode

Yes that's main reason I change my system to Micro Four Third. Another thing I do figure out about E-P3 is the ability to change picture mode into art filter eventhough u are on manual mode. Means you get full control of your setting while enjoying shooting in Art Filter.












For me, i havent try out up to 3200 ISO since i shoot mostly ISO 1600 and below. Here is the sample of ISO 1600 with 100% crops. I off the Noise Reduction and set Noise Filter to Low.




It is not really bad if you ask me. At least it does and satisfy what I need in daily life. I did a short video on the AF speed performance as well. Check it out.

You can see more pics taken by me to see what this camera can does and it's potential :

Wei-Ling Contemporary : De Style Art and Design Show 2011
The Kennedys Special Screening
Because of Cayenne...
A Day I Trying to be Special

or stay tune more on A Journey Called Jloi post because upcoming post is taken by my Olympus E-P3.

If you need more review, hit to Robin Wong site who having more stress test on the pics quality more than me.

Final Word : As a micro four third, it does what it can and perform very well. I am very pleased with it's performance from image to video. For female, probably a Lumix GF3 is more suitable for you since it is smaller and more compact. Let's not forget the bigger sensor belong to Sony NEX is one of the option to choose. Here is an article for you to read if you're stuck in between Olympus E-P3, Panasonic Lumix GF3 and Sony Nex C3.