Thursday, September 15, 2011

Orange confirms! Apple iPhone 5 to go on sale on October 15th

Greeting! This will be first post by Dygadget (Discover Your Gadget)! Since it was first post, here a good news for everyone!

The CEO of Orange just spilled the beans on the availability of the iPhone 5. He said that if he believes what he hears, the next iPhone will be out by 15th October on his network.

Since CEOs of major carriers like Orange rarely get their information from anywhere else, but the manufacturer itself, this one seems rather trust-worthy. Stephane Richard also went on to say that they will be special packages on offer for the iPhone 5, but that's hardly a surprise, considering the importance of the smartphone to carriers.

So, if the iPhone 5 is to come in the middle of next month we should be looking for its announcement event to be scheduled for the end of September. That nicely coincides with the rumor that iOS 5 will be getting its Gold Master release on September 23th.

Question is, when Malaysia gonna release it? Let's hope it would be efficient like last year iPhone 4 launched.