Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Android Tips : How to set up Hotmail for Android

Recently I found an interesting article about synching Hotmail to Android. Previously i was a Blackberry user, synching email is never a problem. But i have change to Android system now and Hotmail is actually my main email for my work. My previous other Android phone never setup hotmail account since i just setup google account to access the market.

Thus, here is a guide for you who looking on how to sync the hotmail in your Android devices. First thing first your device must running Froyo and above because Microsoft has activated Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail from there. It also syncs up your Windows Live Contacts and Calendar with the phone. Pretty handy and badass as gmail ;P

First, you put in your email address and password, then you hit "manual setup" (not "next"), then choose "Exchange". From there, you'll see the following...

  • Domain\Username: Clear out and put in your full hotmail address
  • Password: if not pre-filled, obviously put in your hotmail password
  • Server:
  • Check "Use Secure Connection (SSL)"
  • "accept all SSL certificates" can uncheck

After all the setup complete HOLA! You got your hotmail sync with your android phone ;)