Monday, September 26, 2011

Photography Opinion : How to choose your camera?

I came across to this article at Digitalrev and i think it is very good opinion/tips for newbie who decided to get a DSLR.Thus i would love to provide an opinion or tips for peole who wanted to get themselves a camera, not only DSLR. As everyone know DSLR nowdays are very affordable and i can see nearly everyone can afford at least a basic gear.

However, there are people who did not have experiences with camera sometime do doubt and confuse which camera are better for them? Now here is the question you should ask yourself before getting any camera:

  • What you need it for?
  • What is your budget range?
  • What brand you prefer?

I think with this 3 question above is sufficient enough for you to make decision which to get. Lets get started.

What you need it for?

What you need it for? To take pictures of course! oh yea that's true but which should you get? DSLR? Compact? This always pop out in my friends mind whenever they decided to choose a camera. Whenever that come across, i always ask them what you need it for? Most my girl friends used it for casual. They don't really care to learn the basic photography as long as they can take good picture. However on my guy friends side, some who doesn't know a nuts on photography begin to pick up it as hobby and they started it with DSLR.

So here is the question, What you need it for? There is no restriction that which camera you must get if you need it for this and that. Bare in mind, NEED and WANT is two difference thing. eg You WANT a DSLR because everyone having it and you NEED a DSLR because i want to use it for my job. See the difference? There is once i WANT to get alot lens that I had in my mind but in the end I didn't get it, because i don't NEED it or use it odten. Once again, see the difference? So bear in mind what you need it for and that's gonna lead you to next question.

As my opinion, if you wanna learn basic photography, yes it is good to started with low end DSLR, Mirrorless Camera or Compact that provide you full control of ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed. Afterall, photography is all about framing, composition and setting. Notice that i put them in order? Yes setting is always the last thing to concern for me. If you just a casual/travel user but want a good image quality, you're always welcome to get any of the 3 choices and use Auto mode all the way. In the end the picture result is make WOW impact for your viewer. Do remember sometime size of the camera do affect your choices and decision depending what you use it for.

What is your budget range?

I am sure you do have your own budget and yes, always set a budget for yourself or else you'll lost. However with current market price, budget RM 1,200-RM 1,500 is good enough for you to have a high end compact (which i called it semi pro - Lumix LX5, Nikon P7100, Canon S95, Canon G12, Olympus XZ-1) or a second hand DSLR for beginner. If you are rich, then yea go ahead and get whatever you feel you like.

Afterall, even you are beginner and given a Nikon D3S you'll get a decent result of your picture. Even the pro cameras have got P modes, so it's not like you need to know what all the settings are and what everything means to get a shot. So they key for those who want a better value buy is, "what camera cam I get without breaking the bank and not wasting loads of money"?

What brand you prefer?

Canon? Nikon? Sony? Panasonic? Samsung? Olympus? Honestly there will be always never ending choices in camera. Difference spec, design and brand keep coming out and no doubt, they are getting better and better. For my opinion, go for whichever you feel like. Difference people will have difference opinion. Some would say they love Nikon because of user friendly. Some will love stylish design of Sony compact. Some will love Panasonic Lumix GF3 because it was small. Some will love Olympus Pen art filter. I am sure all this question will pop out in your mind, thus i would love to refer back to first question, "What you need it for" and narrow down your choices. As for me, I am kind of brandism of Nikon but i do give a try on other brand as well. In the end now I am both Nikon DSLR and Olympus Pen user and i actually used my Pen the most and i sold off my DSLR.

I always believe that skill come first and camera just a tool for you to execute your artistic side. Based on the 3 question, i am pretty sure you can figure out which you want.

You can take a look on Digitalrev opinion too :)