Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Electree, Trees that Grow Electricity

As most of us know, the fossil fuel can not support human need forever. There is a need for green sources. This is not usually our(gadget geeks) center of discussion, but this seems not the case for Electree.

The ecological charger for mobile device was Inspired by trees photosynthesis, the solar bonsaï Electree is equipped with 27 solar panels allowing user to recharge nomad electronic devices battery with the help of solar energy. Now, we not only dream of growing money from trees, we dream of growing energies from trees too XD
(1) Solar panels: 27 amorphous silicon solar panels
(2) Panel Size: 96mmx96mm
(3) Device's size: 40cm tall
(4) Battery Capacity: 13 500mAh (fully charge in 36 hours of sunshine)
(5) Electrical output: USB plug + AC plug

Just to give you a clearer pic, a HTC Sensation XE has 1730 mAh battery capacity while iPhone 4 has 1420mAh. Thats mean when your Electree is fully charge, if the Sun you can still charge your HTC Sensation XE for at least 7 times and iPhone 4 9 time XD 

Just some question in mind:
How much sunshine you can get in your are at the tip of the globe and how much time you need to fully charge a Electree in dimmed condition?
How much time needed for Electree to fully charge a device (such as phone)?

Maybe you wanna design a panel that can auto-tilt to gain the maximun sun light instead of hoping the user to tilt it manually?

The price of the Electree is still unknown, but ask yourself: would you buy an art piece to charger your phone?

Source: http://www.ulule.com