Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Siri in Android

Many of our readers may not aware that both the author of this blog is a fan of Android.
There are some discussion among the author on how ridiculous Siri could be but have no chance to try it out since at the moment, we don not possess any i-devices.
Voice command and recognition has invited far beyond our notice in few years back. Thanks to the recent announcement of Iphone 4S, the voice command has become a hip again.
As a result, the author install a similar voice command virtual assistance in her phone (HTC Desire) to test it out at this is the result:

Asked: What's your name?
Sam: It's Sam of course. At your service.


Asked: What can you do?
Sam: I can send e-mails, manage your Facebook or Twitter account, and find information on the web, just to name a few.
Sam: I have lots of useful skills. I can answer questions, check the weather, convert units of measurements or update your social networking sites. And I am learning more.

Asked:Where are you?
Sam: I'm here in your phone, What Is this. On call 24/7

Asked: Sam(Sam read it as send instead), you are stupid.
Sam: That's very disrespectful, what Is This.

Asked: Can you smile?
Sam: (The avatar smiled) Hows that?

Author's note: Everytime you asked a question, there will be different answer. It's more interesting than Siri because other than choosing the assistance to have Male or Female voice, you can choose it's avatar and the avatar can have interaction with you. It doesn't get less stupid than Siri but it will make a good company for you during your bored or stress times =)

So, what do you say? Leave a question to Sam on the comment section below and we'll ask Sam and answer it to you XP