Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jack Ma, the founder and CEO of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba very interested in buying Yahoo?!

"   Asked whether Alibaba might like to pick up the ailing US internet company, Mr Ma told an audience at Stanford University that he would be "very interested in Yahoo!."
The former schoolteacher later added that, were he to have his way, he would be eager to acquire all of Yahoo!, not just the stake it owns in Alibaba.
"The whole piece of Yahoo!," Mr Ma said in answer to a question from the audience about what part of Yahoo! he was interested in. "China is already ours, right? It's already in my pocket."
Yahoo! shares leaped 5pc to $13.80 (£8.85) in after-hours trading.
Acquiring Yahoo! could help Mr Ma expand his online empire into one of the world's most important internet markets.      "