Saturday, March 3, 2012

Digi Fandroid Day - The Recap

Yesh, the live blogging is a success. This is the first time Dygadget tried to live blog an event. With both the founder and co-author, the Digi Fandroid life blog can be found HERE.

However, the blog post doesn't stop after the event finishes. We are here to make a recap of the event with better photo and descriptions.

We were early because we are afraid of possible jam in Federal highway when on the way to Shah Alam.

D'House Event Tag

Did I(we) mentioned the good ppl from Digi has a table of latest Samsung devices for us to try on?

Not to mentions tea time.

The event didn't start on time. This is Mark, the MC.

Leads the ice-breaking by introducing ninja slice group game.

The winners get a packet of Kit-Kat each. Best part, those winners are willing to spare some Kit Kats to us too ^_^

Next, comes with a speech from SulinLau, head of marketing department to talk about the Digi's future network. 

According to her, Digi is preparing themselves for LTE network.

Next, we have James from Google Malaysia to talk about some features in Android, such as Google goggle, ICS etc.

While Leonard from Samsung "showoff" some of the latest product from his pants. Sounds misleading right? XD Ok, the spetators knows what I mean...

Before the session end, the winner from the twitting competition wins herself a Samsung Galaxy SII.

Before we have our lunch, Digi staff take us to a short tour around D'house.

The waterfall granite that has been turn off for the weekend.

You may know Digi promotes greener ways to deal with things, but do you know D'house is full with these features too? Glasses, stairs, garden, treated water etc.

They maximize the intensity of the sun light to the building to decrease the power consumption on ligh bulbs. Oppsy, I mean the energy saving one.

And the Digi person we talked to, where you always scoled (did you? XP). Welcome to CS

There are more features in D'house that I wish to share, but isn't it nice if you have chance to go there yourself once in a life time? I wouldn't want to ruin your surprise faces when you tour D'house yourself.