Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nuffnang Youth Credit Card Design Contest #3 - Droid

Click here for part 1 and part 2 if you miss it. Anyway, here my third entries for the youth credit card contest. The design is something related with gadget again of course ;)

 photo credit-card_EditetAndroid_zps5d64b315.jpg
* Click the thumbnail for bigger size *

Just look at it very obvious the design is inspired by Android Honeycomb! I name this card as Droid - simple, direct and easy to remember. The upper part of the card has Honeycomb UI where Google search bar, mic, apps drawer menu and also add widget. The bottom part got the on screen navigation button - back, home and multitasking and also the status bar. Both bottom and top design are refering to the actual UI of android Honeycomb. Meanwhile the background is directly extracted from Honeycomb wallpaper. A cute green robot Android is included and the body is seem to be replaced by the chip.

It is like a mini android in the card! Android user gonna like it ;)