Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nuffnang Youth Credit Card Design Contest #1 - Bokehlicious

Credit card has slowly become one of the life essential. It is small, portable and easy to slot in wherever your body. While there are alot types of credit card nowdays, design has slowly become a criteria especially for youth. Thus, I would like to design a card for youth credit card.

 photo credit-card_EditetCamera_zps91c05985.jpg
* Click the thumbnail for bigger size *

I name this as Bokehlicious! You see as a blog that running on gadget stuff, I am included camera in the design. Retro looking and black color camera (Fujifilm X Pro 1) easily make all photographer lover drool over it. The background and foreground is covered by bokeh. Bokeh shooter will definitely love this.

So camera lover, will you get this card? ;)