Thursday, December 15, 2011

iPhone 4S Plan : Maxis VS Celcom VS Digi

I have done some mistake with the Digi plan and just fix in the calculation. Sorry!

Well there tomorrow are the day for all Telco's in Malaysia launch the iPhone 4S. Have you gotten you mind yet which Telco to choose??

Here are the comparison if you still having doubt :




All Telco's offered 24 months contract meanwhile only Maxis and Celcom offered 12 months contract as well.

If you are a person who don't like to tie with plan too long, Celcom and Maxis 12 months contract is perfect choice for u. Assuming you only need 16GB iPhone 4S with the cheapest package, Maxis offered RM100 package (1GB Data usage) and you get to buy the phone for RM1,750. Meanwhile, Celcom offered RM68 package (800MB Data usage) and phone priced at RM1,838.

Maxis : RM100 X 12 months = RM1200
RM1200 + RM1750 = RM2750 iPhone 4S 16GB with 1GB data usage for 12 months.

Celcome : RM68 X 12 Months = RM816
RM816 X RM1838 = RM2654 iPhone 4S 16GB with 800MB data usage for 12 months.

Looks not much difference so is totally based on your judgement.

If you want 24 months commitment, Digi will join the party with it cheapet package, RM55 - with auto billing (1GB data usage) and phone priced RM2,090. Maxis RM100 package again will offered the phone as low as RM1,450 for 24 months contract. Finally, Celcom offered RM1,638 for its RM68 package.

Maxis : RM100 X 24 months = RM2400
RM2400 + RM1450 = RM3850 iPhone 4S 16GB with 1GB data usage for 24 months.

Celcom : RM68 X 24 Months = RM1632
RM1632 X RM1638 = RM3270 iPhone 4S 16GB with 800MB data usage for 24 months.

Digi : RM55 X 24 months = RM1320
RM1320 + RM2090 = RM3410 iPhone 4S 16GB with 1GB data usage for 24 months.

In this long run race, Celcom seem cheaper than Digi and lastly Maxis for being most expensive.

Of course, there are alot stuff else to consider besides cheap package. What i mean is the network coverage and reliability. Judgement is on your hand ;)

Happy Shopping in this Christmas!