Saturday, April 9, 2016

Wiko Fever 4G Giveaway

Hi, this is our first giveaway in Dygadget. Thanks for your continuous support on our blog and YouTube channel. Also, thanks to our sponsor Wiko Malaysia for sponsoring the review unit. One of you are going to win a Wiko Fever 4G smartphone from us, aren't you excited? Let's begin the steps to your free smartphone journey. May the odds be ever in your favor.

1. Must be a Malaysian Resident and currently staying in Malaysia. (Sorry for to my foreign viewers, the phone'a warranty is only for Malaysia)

2. Like our Facebook page at:

3. In your Facebook profile/page that you have like our page in item 2 above, make a new post on your news feed, stating 1 feature/specification on Wiko Fever 4G. Don't know about the phone's feature or specification? It's time to check out our review video here:

4. Tag us @DYgadget in the facebook post in item 3 above and add a hashtag ‪#‎DYgadgetWikoFever4GGiveaway‬.

5. Make sure your post is public.

6. (Optional) If you are not sure whether we are able to view your post or not, you can message us your post's url by right click on the time of the post and copy link address.

7. Contest period between 9th April 2016, 6 pm MST to 16th 2016, 6pm MST.

8. Pray. Pray like your life count on it, like the sky is falling, like the sun stop shinning. May the odds be ever in your favor.

After the contest period is over, we will tabulate all contestant's info and put it into a randomizer to choose the ONLY winner. If we are not able to contact the winner within 48 hours, we will choose the next person on the line. So, make sure your Facebook is public and reply our message when we contact you.

1. You will need to reveal your Name, IC, and address to us for warranty registration and delivery.
2. The phone in the giveaway contest is NOT A NEW PHONE. The giveaway's phone is the review unit as shown in the review video.
3.DYgadget reserve to right to revoke any rules stated here for any unforeseen circumstances that jeopardize us, our sponsors or our stake holders.