Friday, December 28, 2012

Samsung Appstar 2012

Last Month, Samsung Malaysia finally came out from Samsung Appstar 2012 winner.

The first price was won by a group called Rigel from USM. The app they proposed was Gynoid, an app that protects women by recording the surronding space when they are in danger and sends video alert to loved ones.
Not only they won RM 24k worth of schoolarship, they also won away a Samsung Galaxy S3 each with a chance of getting their apps developed.

The second price was won by Gangnam Team from Asia Pacific University (APU). Their app Ocean box let user fully customise the grids with multiple of pictures, locations oe even videos of their choices into a single masterpiece posting

The third price was won by Apps creator 2020 by UniTen. The app E-train provides public transportation schedule and route map. Online tickets can be purchased with this app too.

As for the most favorite app, Practical innovation team from UM create an apps to avoid time wasting on queuing up as you can be more productive during that time.

The event was undoubtedly successful. All prices were won at the end of the event.

Thanks to Samsung who organize such meaningful event to help our younger generations to sharpen their various skills, from innovations, marketing, presentation etc.

Each group give their 100 percent effort for this contest. Some were even traveled from other states!

And also thanks to The Bee Publika for hosting us. And thanks to the entertainers, Sue and the boys.