Friday, April 17, 2015

Plants vs. Zombie 2: Progressive Sponsor

Screenshot_2015-04-16-09-52-15 copy
I don't know about you, but I have been a big fan of Plants vs. Zombie since it first comes out when I was still in Uni years. I am not that old *cough* Recently, it has been very boring, even with the endless level, it doesn't satisfied with my needs any more. Until recently, there are some new costume on Easter and now costume with a blue theme on the daily Pinata Party.

Screenshot_2015-04-16-09-56-16 copy
Guess what? This is my first time seeing someone sponsor until they can have their own themed costume in a game.

Screenshot_2015-04-16-09-56-30 copy
Although I didn't won the costume on yesterday's but I was lucky that it's my 5th day i.e. Senor Pinata.

Screenshot_2015-04-16-09-56-39 copy

Screenshot_2015-04-16-09-56-53 copy
Still get a unicorn costume on my tile turnip.

Obviously, Progressive is not the first insurance company that can throw money on advertisement and definitely not the first one who does advertisement in games. But how much does Progressive pay to double the price plus 1 free retry? I am still waiting for more news to leak.